How do I get Nuendo 12 on the new Steinberg licencer scheme?

After the big announcement of the new Steinberg licensing scheme, I’m surprised.
Nuendo 12 was licensed again on the USB eLicenser after updating from version 11.
How do I get that on the new Steinberg Licensing scheme? I would like to work without the dongle.

During installation Nuendo 12, the dongle (version 11) had to be plugged in - and the licence for Nuendo 12 was then automatically reinstalled on the dongle.

Can you provide a screenshot of the N12 entry on your eLicenser?
Does it look like this:

Nuendo 12 always uses Steinberg Licensing. You should see the Nuendo 12 licence in the “Steinberg Activation Manager” application.

The eLicenser transaction for those who upgraded is a once-only thing to replace your old eLicenser one with one that still works with older versions but cannot be used for a further upgrade to Nuendo 12.

Thanks very much. You are right.
Because I saw this message in the eLicencer, I thought the license is still on the dongle.

You’re welcome. There’s a series of steps you have to follow to get ANOTHER activation code that will then be the one you enter into the Steinberg Activation Manager - it’s VERY convoluted and confusing :confused: It took me more than 10 minutes to find and follow the instructions correctly. It’s a TERRIBLE upgrade actiation process!

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