How do I get rid of apparently empty lyric. lines?

Dorico SE 4 Version (Mar 10 2023) on a Mac Pro.
I have empty lines in the first two systems of the three systems of a score. As far as I know, I never entered anything in those lines. I can’t get rid of them. Everything i can find in the manual about working with lyrics involves selecting a word of the lyric first - and here there’s nothing to select. How do I make these empty lines go away?

Are you sure it’s extra lyric lines, or is it just Vertical Justification of the staves?

Check Layout Options > Vertical Spacing, and reduce the gaps between staff and staff group; or maybe increase the gap between systems.

Also, you might want to reduce the Staff size, which is quite large. If you could get 3 systems on the page, the spaces wouldn’t be so pronounced.

There’s all kinds of wrong going on here, too – no extension lines, hyphens ‘in’ the syllable, rather than between…


If it’s due to vertical space, why would it be different on the third system? This is all one layout as far as I know, which isn’t very far.
When I actually add lyrics to lines 4 and 5, the spacing doesn’t change.

Because your second page is below the percentage threshold “full.”

This is indeed a vertical justification issue. You have two percentages to look at: this is the one that says “Justify the difference between staves AND systems when the frame is XX% full.” Increase that value to something like 85% and the extra space will disappear.

I would put all three systems on one page, if it’s finished. You can search for “Make into frame” for instructions.