How do I get rid of VST instruments folder?

I created my own template and somehow a folder created itself in my template called VST instruments and it has Halion Sonic vst’s attached. This is a problem for me because a) I don’t use Halion Sonic, thus it’s not installed and so when I start up Cubase, it constantly gives me an error message saying “missing Halion sounds”. and b) I did not create this folder so I don’t want it there. When I right-click on it, it doesn’t give me the option to delete it. Does anybody have any ideas?

Have a look in the VST instrument rack to see if it’s there. If it is, you should be able to remove it by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting “No instrument”.

I think the VST instrument rack is F11 by default. Otherwise just go to the right zone to check.

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Yes, you have to delete all VST Instruments Racks in the VST Instrument window [F11] or VSTi tab of the Right Zone of the Project window.

It worked, thank you so much!

Thank you, that did the trick!