How do I get support on the Phone????

I am in the US. I’ve been using the product since 2009 without any problems.

It now won’t start unless I register. I already AM registered. I can’t figure out what to do. I’ve spent 2 hours on this and I have a deadline to meet. I can log in and see that Steinberg knows my eLicense #, so what’s the problem??? I called Canada but they won’t talk to US users. There’s no phone number for the US.

When I try to submit a support ticket it tells me I must fill in fields that I’ve already filled in (so there’s an obvious bug), and it appears that the ticket has not been submitted.

WHAT CAN I DO??? Pete Tarbox,

If it is an LE version you will have to use the MySteinberg interface and do another support request via the Web, Steinberg has a USA technical support on their website, however they are for Steinberg customers, LE and AI versions are not sold by Steinberg unless they came with Steinberg hardware, so you will have to phone the support line of the company that sold you the hardware that the LE/AI version came with (Yamaha, Zoom, Tascam, et. al.) using the contact information that came with the hardware

I have not found the web support software to be buggy but if you still cannot use the web interface for some reason, and if the LE/AI software came from Yamaha or Steinberg you can e-mail Yamaha using the email address at the bottom of this page. If the hardware came from someone else, the helpline number should be with the registration and documentation package that came with the hardware you bought.