How do i get the Dorico content library off my C drive

I have just updated Dorico pro 4 to Dorico and find that my C drive is redlined (too full)
When I run the Steinberg Library manager program it shows the library as being on my D drive where I want it. Since I opted to install the content again as recommended in the Steinberg download assistant I believe the Dorico content is now on my C drive as well in the default location.
I would like to know what that default location is so that I can remove it.

Hi Julian, as I recall there are options below each plugin in the Library Manager to move them somewhere else, eg Dive D in your case. Have you tried deleting all the content on Drive C to see what happens? It could be that as the Library Manager “knows” your content is on Drive D, then getting rid of the stuff on Drive C will not affect anything.

I use a Macbook and a desktop Win10 PC, so I have all my sample libraries on an external 2TB SSD, and just plug it in to whichever computer I’m working on. All my Dorico projects are saved to iCloud, so accessible from both.

Good luck!

Actually, deleting all the copied files you have in the C drive should be harmless : double click one of those files from your D drive should launch the Steinberg Library Manager and it will perform the relocation of all those files present in D. At least, that’s how it worked on my Mac!

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The default location on Windows is C:/Program Data/Steinberg/Content and subfolders.
Please note that even though the Library Manager is able to move out all the vstsound files from the C drive, it has to keep shortcuts to all files in the default location. If you delete the shortcuts also Dorico will lose the ability to read the files.


Ah…good tip!