How do I get the latest version of AI?

I have a dozen 7 AI licenses. AI is free if you bought hardware, but the versions I have are what was available at the time.

Is there a way I can download the 10 version of AI? Any links I find want you to register new hardware.

You can download Cubase AI 9.5, 10, 10.5, and 11 from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

However, what needs to be done in order to use them with only a 7 license is another matter.

Thanks, man. Had forgotten about that.

Does anyone have any insight on how I get licenses to upgrade 7 AI to 10 AI?

Are you saying you have licenses, or that you have unused activation codes? If the latter, activating gets you the latest version automatically.

Excellent, I didn’t know that. I have both, so I can just use the unallocated ones.

Thanks, Steve!