How do I get the Nord Lead 4 working in Cubase 10?

Greetings, I have recently purchased a brand new Nord Lead 4 but I do not know how to get it working within Cubase 10. Please can anyone help?
Kind regards, Richard.

What audio interface do you have? And does it have MIDI in and out as well?

Basically, you need to connect the TRS outputs from the Nord Lead into some available inputs on your audio interface. For example; plug Main Out L from Nord Lead into Input 1 on audio interface and Main Out R from Nord Lead into Input 2 on audio interface.

Then use MIDI cables and do the same with the MIDI ports.

If the Nord has a USB connection you might not even need the MIDI cables.

Then in Cubase you need to set up the Input bus. For that it might be best to read the online manual at

Many thanks :smiley: