How do I get thel mixer to scroll to the selected track ?

If I have a track selected in the project window and then go to the mixer, although I can sync the selecter mixer channel, how do I get the mixer to scroll to selected channel so I can see it?

for me on default if I highlight a track in the project window that track will be active in the mixer. I use the up and down arrows to change or my keyboard and the highlighted track in the mixer changes accordingly.

you talk about scrolling but I assume this is what you are looking for?

you can set your likes in the Preferences -> Editing -> Project & Mixconsole

I mean when the channel isn’t in view in the mixer but you select that track in the project.

I don’t understand I guess. In a project I am testing if I go to the last track in my project the mixer and make it active I lose 10 channels in my mixer view (that are the 10 first tracks in my project window). if I then press the first track in my project window my mixer jumps back so that the first 10 tracks/channels are visible in the mixer (and I can’t see my last ones)

My mixer is not repositioning itself after I select a track in the project window.

It selects the track in the mixer (synced) but the mixer does not reposition so channel is in view. I have to manually scroll to locate it.

Here’s a video showing what I mean

hmm, it works perfect for me, maybe it’s because I have both visible on the screen at the same time? I have no idea if that is the reason

just in case we have different preferences

MixConsoles have their own individual “Scroll to Selected Channel” option.