How do I globally edit a specific chord symbol?

Hi folks, I have a couple chord symbols that I want to edit globally. For example, my Ab7 the flat sign is just a tad too close to the A. Is there a way to edit the distance between the A and flat for all Ab7 chords at once? I see by clicking on a chord I can edit a single instance. The flat sign seems fine in all the other chords-I only want to change the Ab. Thanks!

Unfortunately you can’t globally change the distance between the A and the flat sign for all chord symbols because those two components are considered separate things: if “A flat” was the unit, rather than “A” and “flat”, you’d be able to edit the distance between the A and the flat and it would take effect everywhere in your project.

Ok, thanks. I’d like to request that you guys take a look at the Petaluma font on those chord changes then as most of them look good but-for example-the Ab there is an overlap for those symbols that makes it less legible. I’m hoping you’ll agree that there should not be an overlap.

Yes, we no doubt need to adjust the default kerning values that Dorico uses when it lays out the chord symbols. I’ll make a note to look at this again when we get a chance.