How do I hide these Metronome marks?

Hi all. I’ve imported a MIDI file that has constant tempo changes. I’ve hidden the flags as per instructions I found on the forum but it still leaves behind all marks in tempo text format. How do I hide these without deleting them for playback?

Heres the PDF of the score part in question:

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Rather than hide the flags, hide the tempo marks (via the Properties Panel).

Select one of the metronome marks, then type Ctrl+Shift+A repeatedly until they’re all selected, open the Properties panel at the bottom of the window, and switch off ‘Metronome mark shown’.

They’re all the same, so why not remove them? I probably miss something though :slight_smile:

Actually your right they look the same on page 1! but at each one the tempo is lifting but the . Is missing. So like 89.15… 89.25 bpm etc… later you notice we get to 90, 91,92

Thanks all. I was originall trying to hide the flags so ended up turning on metronome marks. Sure enough turning off Metronome marks in properties means those tempo marks will not print…
But while I’m working I’m looking at a mess of tempo flags. Any way to have these hidden?

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