How do I hide unwanted lanes in the drum map/drum editor?

If I have 9 sounds on the drum map, I don’t want to see the other 119 note lanes. How do I get rid of them?

Top right of screen,

  1. Click the gear wheel for Setup Tool Bar
  2. Make sure Drum Sound Visibility is checked
  3. Top LEFT of your screen now above Instrument click on Drum Visibility Agents Tab
  4. Select Show Drum Sounds with Events

I mean to get rid of them from the drum map. I don’t want to see them every time I open the map or a preset with the map.

Once you do this they are hidden for that Project though. I think you can EDIT the Map but I dont see a way to delete a whole line on the map itself if you will. It looks like it has a default 128 line map

I think what you are wanting to do is Edit the Drum Map itself and create your own map

I still think you will have to do as I posted to just show what you want. Maybe Im wrong, we shall see

“Once you do this they are hidden for that Project though.” But you have to write your part first to do that… too late!

Then find a way to edit the drum map yourself. Its late, Im done, good luck


I think you are right however I’m doing this from memory.

There is no way to make the lines vanish in the drum map. Considering why drum maps are created, I can’t think of a reason to have those drum map lines vanish. :unamused:
You can however delete as many drum entries as you wish, but in the drum map, you will still end up with blank lines for whatever drum entries you deleted.

Now in the drum editor, open the drum map you just created with your 9 sounds and the other 118 blank lines. Your 9 drum sounds show up with all the others blank. Now do what Shanabit posted in his first reply. Then, in the drum editor, you only have your 9 drum sounds.


VV is wanting to be able to deleted those drum map lines so they dont show beforehand. I get what he wants and it makes sense t me but I dont see a way to do it.

Ive been messing with it all evening and this morning, no go from what I see. I see why Steinberg does it this way.

IF it were this way EVERY time you decided to add a drum part you would have to EDIT the drum map which is crazy since the part would have no way of displaying since it is not in the map!!!

Just play in what you want and hit the visibility, simple. I dont think Steinberg will ever change this BTW

See attached. The big circled area? I thought what I circled in the drum map is the area he wants deleted. It doesn’t make sense as to why he would want that deleted other than aesthetics, and I don’t think there is a way to do it either…assuming this is what he is referring to. Just set up the drum map, customize it, open the drum editor, load the map you just created or customized, then Tool bar> Drum visibility agents>show drum sounds with events.

Ok yes, that does make sense now…to avoid vertical scrolling. When I configure maps I guess the scrolling issue doesn’t bother me. Thanks.
As Shanabit said, I don’t think there is any way to delete the unwanted entries.

Working Solution:

*Create a new map

  1. Move the line items so they show up in the order you need them in the drum map and label them
  2. Save that
  3. Input a part say the kick to get started
  4. Set the Visibility to only show events