How do I import midi files from Ableton into Cubase?

I only have one song to finish before I release my demo album. However, I wrote the midi in Ableton and it is quite complex and will be rather time consuming to replicate exactly. I know that the two programs can run simultaneously and work together, I just can’t figure out how to import the midi from an Ableton track into a midi track in Cubase. I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone has.

You are running Cubase on what platform?

Export then Import? Drag and Drop?

I find it odd that you (apparently) own both Ableton Live and Cubase, and yet you don’t know how to export a MIDI file from one to the other…

Save as a MIDI file in Live, then open the MIDI file in Cubase.

Yeah, well he’s doing his first demo album, so maybe he doesn’t like to pay for the software yet.

Must’ve been able to post due to an error, 'cause he doesn’t have any products registered.
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