how do I import this format?

I’ve got some legacy files named like this:


I have some sketchy notes that indicate these probably came from Digital Performer on a Mac, and I seem to recall someone saying something about “sound designer” at one point, but I don’t know if that refers to these or not. They may be 24-bit, and may be 48k or 44.1k sample rate.

I’m running Cubase6 on Win7. Does anyone have any ideas how to get these files into Cubase so I can export into a sane stereo format like wav or aiff?

As a quick guess, I tried renaming one to xxx-L.sd2. The cubase import dialog can see it, but when I try to import it it just says “Media type not supported or invalid medium.”

Any ideas? Any not-too-expensive tools out there that might help?


You could try the Wavelab demo…it lists them as compatible. (assuming your guess on the format is correct)

Failing that, Audacity might help ( There are some very generic-looking open and import options, including raw data. And it doesn’t get much cheaper than free. Worth having anyway, you can do a lot with it (e.g. unrestricted LAME export to mp3).

Did not try the Wavelab demo. I did try Audacity, but could not get it to work even using “Raw” format where you can manually set sample rate, sample size, and byte ordering. There is a “skip X bytes of header” setting that I had no clue what to set to, so it may have worked had I known that.

I did however find a little program called sdTwoWav at:

Which worked great once I set sample rate and sample size correctly. Also there’s a setting to flip the byte ordering, which I did have to use (most likely because I’m on a PC and the files originated in DP on a Mac).

Used Cubase to pull in the mono L and R files and re-export to stereo wav files, then R8Brain to convert the 48k sample rate files to 44.1k (wasn’t sure how Cubase’s algorithm would work with that, if I exported 48k audio as 44.1k… anyone know?) and I should be good to go now.


Okay, that’s good to hear and I’ll download that app you found for my armoury too.

Re 48 to 44.1: I’ve done it myself no prob, quite happy with the results but then I don’t have the ears of a mastering engineer. But then neither do the punters who are quite happy to rock along to mp3s.