How do I indicate a Cymbal Roll on a Drum Kit?

Hey all,
I’m no percussion pro so am trying to navigate my way through this…

I’ve figured out how to put cymbal crashes in but I can’t find cymbal rolls in the Playing Techniques.

I’m trying to recreate this (which I understand is a building crash cymbal roll into a crash):

Add a tremolo… located in the repeats panel on the right hand side.


Ok cool. And how do I get the whole note with the X in it?

Do you have a percussion kit setup?

If so, you should just be able to hit the whole note, and it will have the X type note head. It might not look exactly the same, but it will be understood.

How are you adding this part to your score?


Recognizing there might be a time zone delay, and to help you get going a little faster, I created a short video showing you how I did what you wanted (I believe).

Let me know if you have anymore questions or need more help.


Incredible help! Thank you sir!

No problem! Glad I could be of help.