How do I install a new Bass Amp Sim?

Hi there all you good people! Once again I’m stymied! I downloaded what appears to be a very good bass amp sim. I really like the guitar amp sims in Cubase but I haven’t yet found a great bass amp.

My problem is this: How do I get it from my memory stick into my Cubase program so that I can use it? (I use a different computer for online stuff.) Can I fit it into my Amp Rack? I have absolutely no idea at all of the steps involved so if any of you can kindly help a senile old man to get his new VST amp sim from his memory stick into, well, anywhere that I can always find it, that would be amazing!

I used to use my Zoom pedal for guitar sounds but I’ve since found the guitar amp sounds in cubase to be far superior and way more versatile and also much more easily adjusted to taste.

Thanks in advance!

Jeremykeys the Eternally lost!

You need to copy the program from your memory stick onto your PC. Then install the program and make sure that the associated .dll file is placed in a folder that Cubase is going to scan for VST instruments. Open CB and go to the Devices>Plug-in Information menu. Then click on the “VST 2.x Plug-In Paths” button to see what paths CB will scan. Use one that is listed but, as an example, CB probably is set up to scan folders like “C:/Program files/Common Files/VST2” (or VST3). So search for that folder (or the one listed in CB) and make sure to place the .dll file into it. After you do that hit the “Rescan” button to the left of the previously mentioned “VST 2.x…” button. If your plug in does not show up in the list of plug ins try re-starting CB so that it will rescan for it. If successful you should be able to see the VSTi listed and it will be available to choose.

Good luck.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thank you very much! I’m giving it a try right now! I might have to ask you for more info if I’m unsuccessful.