How do I install Cubase 8 Le with an activation code?

I have enter the activation code into my account. I have installed an Elicenser control panel software. How do I activate cubase 8 le and download it?


With Cubase LE, you will get Download Access Code (not Activation Code). You have to enter this DAC in your MySteinberg Account. Then an Activation Code will be generated for you, and a link for Cubase download appears.

Follow these instructions, please.

I followed these steps thank you! But the download link for windows seems to not work. While using 7zip it says “Cannot open file as archive”, and when I uninstalled 7zip nothing happened when I clicked the link.


What is the size of the downloaded file, please?

2.6 GB


Cubase Elements ISO is around 4,2GB as far as I know. I just wonder, if Cubase LE is way smaller.

How do I fix this?


I’m not sure, if there is something to fix. Maybe, this is the correct size. The only one way, I could imagine is to try to download it again.

It doesn’t work. When I click download nothing happens and when I go into chrome’s downloads and click the file I get an error.

It looks like this forum is having the same problem. How can I fix it/