How do I Install Halion Sonic as a VST in Cubase AI4

Hi Guys

I have just bought Halion Sonic and done the 1.5 update
Its works beautifully standalone
But I want to use it with Cubase AI4 for obvious reasons
Now I am hoping Cubase AI4 supports Halion Sonic ??
If so , How do I configure Cubase AI4 so Halion Sonic appears as a VST instrument ?

Appreciate your help


You need to put the Halion Sonic .dll into the correct directory, the same directory as the other VST instruments on your system.

Hi celtsound

thanks for the suggestion
but I have tried putting the halionsonic.dll in every place I could think
still when I bring up vst instruments it only shows halion one installed
I also have Arturia analog factory vst and that works fine as a VST, its dll is installed in the VSTPLUGINS dir where cubase AI4 is installed

the only thing I can think of is…
I have installed halion sonic as 64 bit and cubase AI4 is 32 bit
Is this my issue ?

thanks again

Problem Solved

Reinstalled Halion Sonic as 32 bit
Works a treat with Cubase AI4
And standalone is no different to 64 bit

thanks for making me think deeper

Glad to hear you got it sorted.