How do I install Iconica

Hi, I’ve got cubase pro 9.5 and Absolute 3, I’ve update Halion 6 to the latest version.

I’ve just bought Iconica and downloaded it and have no idea how to install it. I copied the .vstsound files and they’re registered in the Halion Library Manager but there’s no Iconica instrument in Halion.

I must say the Steinberg documentation is terrible when it comes to installing new instruments.

I totally agree. This looks like a rush job and the customer is left in the dark.
First of all. They don’t explain how to install the sounds in HALion. I found out by chance that by double clicking on a sound it opens HALion and then I could at the sound bank. Had to do this 4 times. I don’t know if this is the right way but without any documentation it is the only I can think of. They don’t even explain where to find the special Iconica interface.

I use the expression maps all the time but the don’t say where I can find the expression maps for Iconica, so how am I supposed to use them?

I have a trial version but if it this user unfriendly I am not going to buy. I use the Symphonic Orchestra module, not very user friendly either but at least it works. At the moment I have no idea how to use Iconica.

Steinberg, get out of your product oriented shell and think about your customers. We are musicians, not programmers and get people who can make your product user friendly. This is a shambles.

I found this video link on this forum and that helped me a lot but I still have a lot of questions. Just one video for an expensive product like Iconica is not enough.

Hope this video helps other users as well!

After downloading all of the files, my external drive shows 150GB of sounds, and yet Halion Library Manager only shows 145GB. Anyone else notice the same thing? I just want to make sure I’m not missing some samples

I’ve downloaded the trial and I agree that an installer or some instructions how to install would be nice.

As Rudie Vissenberg said you can register a vstsound file by double clicking it. It should bring up the Halion Library Manager and let you register all vstsound files in the same folder. I also did this 4 times as the files are in separate folders. Once all the files are registered it seems to work fine.

This is very cool and easy with Iconica. Once you load an Iconica instrument, go to Expression Maps in the inspector and from the dropdown on the Expression Map item, select to import them. It dynamically loads the expression maps. So if you change your articulations you can easily keep the Expression Maps updated in Cubase. Very nice feature by Steinberg.

First of all, thank you everyone for posting this info. Clicking on the individual vstsounds will do the trick. That said…

…it’s crazy that Steinberg puts out a $700 sample library with NO instruction about installation. The process is non-intuitive. If they want that kind of outlay, they need to do better.


Have you tried the Steinberg Download Assistent? If not, download the assistent or update the assistent and there you will find Iconica files, Four of them. Download them to the properdrive since they are not zipped. Double click on one sample in each file and they will automatically been added.
Before you can use them you have to register your product code.
Hope this was of any help.

I’m seeing that as well, 145.15 GB.
No issues noted. Every instrument loads, some faster than others.

This did help, thanks!

I noticed after the fact, that the download assistant has a target folder selection window near the top. This will be useful for future installs. For this install, the files were directed to my default Downloads folder and then dragged to my sample library SSD. Clicking on a file in each of the four instrument category folders opened the Library Manager which added all of the files. The demo authorization was entered into eLicenser and instruments loaded into H6 or HS without issues.

At fact they have help. In the Operation manual they redirect to | vst | library manager and there they’ve written “Navigate to the folder where the new VST Sound container files are located and doubleclick one of them.”

But at all I am agree with “they need to do better” - I am still waiting someone to help me with my Nuendo upgrade issue 2K+ $ for the software and the upgrades … and no support?!

Hi Guys

I have been through a nightmare download on my fast connection for Opus but hopefully it will download tonight after trying for two days on the useless “download assistant” which crashes and wipes my files so I have to start afresh. I think I have made the mistake of downloading to my C drive, whereas I want the files on another drive. I have not installed anything at all yet. Would it be OK to simply pull the four download files over to my new drive and then click on a file there?
Like you all, I find the installation instructions vague. I believe the thread is saying that you click on one file and the rest simply install? Is this done in Halion? I guess so? Its one file for each folder I guess? Am I right in assuming the custom interface in Halion will just be there?

No operation manual for Iconica in the download as far as I can see, though I have found it via google