How do I install the Cinergy library

I down loaded the Cinergy.vstsound library, but when I try to install it with the Steinberg Library Manager, I get this error message!
Error message.png
I am using the latest SLM, but I downloaded and reinstalled is just as well. It returned the same error message! I then tried draging it manually to the
Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/Padshop/VST Sound folder. Now it shows up in the SLM, but still not in PadShop 2 or Cubase.

How do I make PadShop 2/Cubase recognize the library?

I had to figure it out myself too, and your post helped me to fix it. Right click and go to “open with Steinberg Library Manager”. It opens it in there, an install screen prompts, hit OK and that’s that. Not the most friendly installation but, hey it works.

For me, my question would be, how can I make the Cinergy library appears in Cubase/Padshop 2? I did right click and go to “open with Steinberg Library Manager”, but the I got the message showed in the attached Cinergy 4.PNG document. Strange… Any clue?


It’s practically the same as double clicking. It doesn’t work for me. I only get the “helper” error.

I wish that someone from Steinberg would tell us what this “privileged” helper is, and how to sort out this version error!

That just means that the Steinberg Library Manager has registered it. If you click at the “PADSHOP” tab at the top of the window, you should see it.

The problem, for me, is that Steinberg Library Manager shows it as registered. However, it stilkl isn’t available in Cubase or PadShop 2! Which is the whole point of installing it, isn’t it?

It seems we share the same problem Macken. No Cinergy in Padshop/Cubase. Maybe because its a free library. It doesn’t show in the ELicenser as it does not require a license. My two cents… When you search for something, the Windows 10 file architecture is so confusing and overwhelming; VST dossiers everywhere (often empty). My Cinergy, I hope, is at the right place, as shown in the attached .PNG file, but go figure why that damn library is not available in Cubase… Eh Dom (Sigalas), where are you?

Well, free or not. A Padshop library that can’t be accessed by Padshop is utterly useless. Come on Steinberg. Get this issue sorted out a.s.a.p.!

When you open up Padshop, How many sounds does it say you have?
It tell’s you how many on the right hand side near the top.
Before I installed Cinergy I checked how many I had, It was 500 odd, after install it now tell’s me I have 600 odd.
Regards Dave.

I don’t know about that, but it should show up in two places. In Padshops presets menu:
and the Samples section in the Right Zone:
Right zone.png
It doesn’t show up in either. This proves that it’s not recognised by Cubase/Padshop.

Me its 596! ??? And no trace of Cinergy… except in the Steinberg Library Manager. Go figure…

After Installation with Library Manager to C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\Padshop\VST Sound I did not found the Content in Cubase.
I found the following new empty Folder:C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\VST Sound - Dom Sigalas.
Now I did an uninstall of Cinergy in Library Manager and installed again to C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\VST Sound - Dom Sigalas.
Now Cinergy can be found in Cubase.

Problem solved! Thanks Maui2002! So, we had to install the library in ANOTHER VST Sound folder. Another one, among so (too) many…

Unfortunately, Maui2002’s solution won’t work for me. I am on a Mac which has C (or any other letter) drive.

Cinergy By Dom Sigalas

If you downloaded Cinergy and were not able to get PadShop to recognize it … be advised … I have it in writing from Steinberg … that Cinergy is not a Steinberg product and all support requests should be made directly to Dom.

I downloaded Cinergy months ago and was never able to get it to work in Reaper. I spent about two months going back and forth with Steinberg support … including a phone session where they used Team Viewer to inspect my installation … which was found to be fine. The above was the end result.

So … if you haven’t been able to get Cinergy to work … according to Steinberg it’s up to Dom to help you.

This … despite that Cinergy is hosted by Steinberg and is detected by the Steinberg Library Manager as if it was a Steinberg product.