How do I install the Reverence presets?

When I did my install of Cubase 5 with the latest update with Win 7, I found the Reverence presets are missing. Do I need to put the install disk in to fix this? How do I get the Reverence sounds going? I remember I had this problem when I first installed Cubase 5 in XP a while ago. Forgot how I corrected the problem. :astonished:

There’s a Knowledge Base article about this bug and how to fix it.

If anyone has a link I would appreciate if you could put it here.

It’s simple enough to go there and have a look. If you won’t do that much to help yourself then I don’t know what else to say.

This is a new forum. I don’t know where the Knowledge Based articles are :imp: I looked under News and Annoucments, Welcome to Steinberg, and Cubase forum on top. Nothing. Did a search under Reverence and it took me to the old forum where they said about going to Media Bay and doing a rescan. That did not help either.

KB isn’t part of the forum, it’s at


I put the Cubase 5 disk in, opened up the Reverence folder and did a repair. It added the impulses and now its working.

Can’t seem to see this in an obvious place on the knowledgebase.
What’s the Article called?