How do I keep Cubase from toggling all of my VSTi tracks to linear time base when using tempo detection?

I am using tempo detection on a reference (audio) track. When I hit “analyze” Cubase automatically adds a tempo track to match the reference track (good) but also switches all of my MIDI tracks from “Musical” to “Linear Time Base” (BAD!)!
I want the MIDI to follow the tempo track from the reference!

How do I stop the tempo detection utility from making this unwanted change?

Giving a bump because this is very important for some projects I am working on.

Anyone at Steinberg?

I’ve not observed this so I’ll have to take a look. You may have found a bug or there’s some other reason the program just works this way. Someone else may have a better answer on this.

After the Tempo Detection did run Audio > Advanced > Set Definition from Tempo? I don’t know if that will help but it an often overlooked step when dealing with Tempo Detection. There are youtube videos that demo this function I think.

Good luck.