How do I know if I've hit the FLS limit?

How do I know if I’ve hit the FLS limit?

FLS Checker still reports 128… is there another tool to test this?

Hm… have a look at this article. This Windows limitation was “solved”


I tried to make 4096 version but allocating that many FLS slots crashed the host (the only way to know how many are left is allocate all then free them), so I gave up, the Win10 update few years ago expanded the limit, and we no longer needed to see the figure in normal circumstance anyways.

FLS Checker maxes at 128 regardless.
As long as you’re on Win 10 1903 and above there is no such limit so you don’t need to check for it.

What’s the issue you’re experiencing to make you look into this?

To be precise, it became 4096.