How do I loop a MIDI pattern by itself?

How do I just loop a MIDI pattern by itself, as if not a part of the song?

In other DAWs that I have used, I have just clicked on a MIDI pattern in my project, and then I get a piano roll. Hitting Play inside of said piano roll would loop the pattern, without other tracks/instruments. Hitting play with the Cubase Key Editor open does nothing like that, it just plays the track.

Is there a convenient way of doing what I’m suggesting in Cubase? If not, can anyone suggest some workflow tips/guides for how you approach things differently?

Just select with mouse and left mouse, then ‘loop selection’ can be set to any key you prefer.

I like this method because it works differently depending on what you select, selecting a single large object with a single click works too - like a midi or audio part.
transport-locators-loop selection

shortcuts here
Edit-Key Commands-transport-loop selection

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Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. Is there a way to do this that also solos the instrument? It does what I want, but it’s a tiny bit cumbersome having to solo/unsolo.

Solo tracks is “S”, sorry. It works fine when you have a midi part open. Also on the top left of the midi editor.

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Hi again. Yes, I know how to solo tracks. I’m asking if there’s an easy way to loop MIDI (or agnostically loop a chunk of X), that will solo the track whilst looping it, and also un-solo when done. It’s not a terribly big bother to solo/unsolo manually, but if there is a way to do it all automatically-ish, that would be neat.

Hit S while in the key editor and it will solo all opened editors.

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Oh right, I see how that works now. That’s actually more useful than the workflow that I’m used to. Thanks!