How do I make chord symbols just BIGGER in the score?

I know where to find the impressively extensive options for tweaking how the chord symbols look in Engraving Options save one: what do I do if all I want is to make all the chord symbols in my score appear larger? (sorry if this is obvious but definitely can’t find it).

  • D.D.

If by score you mean all the materials, you can do this in Engrave > Music Fonts. However, you cannot set different point sizes between different types of layout, as of now.

Not Engrave > Music Fonts, but Engrave > Font Styles, and you edit the size of the ‘Chord symbols text font’ font style.

Daniel is of course absolutely right, I misspoke…

Is there any way to have one font style (size) for the chord symbols in the Score, and a different size for the Parts? This is definitely something that I might normally want to do for sure…

Best and thanks -

  • D.D.

No, not at the moment, but we are certainly considering making it possible to specify a different size for scores and parts for font styles, as you can for paragraph styles.