How do i make cursor return to begining with one click

hi there,How do i make the cursor return to the begining of the song with one click if i have markers set up .it only goes to the begining of the previous marker and so on when i press the return button on the transport. how i would normaly get round this is by clicking at the begining of the bars and beats bar and then pressing the return button to get the cursor back to the very begining.thanks.

? Doesn’t the left arrow key work for you?

no , in key commands i found Transport/Return to start position, i assign a key to the command but it does not respond .i am trying this in a project with markers already set up.

on a normal qwerty keypad, you press on the numeric keypad (.) and it goes back to the start of the project.

Aren’t you just looking for ‘Return to Zero’? It’s NUM [.] or NUM[,] or NUM[;] Manual page 548.

thats the one . thanks