How do I make daw controller on iPad work with c7?

Hi, I have got the daw controller on my iPad but I can’t make it connect and work. I am using windows and have downloaded the connection program, but how do I get everything to connect? Hope someone can help, I hope one day there is an official steinberg version


What is “the DAW controller”…?
There are plenty of DAW controllers available for iPad.

Here it is:

HTH (hope this helps)

Thanks Curteye, I purchased the cubase ic & IC pro but could not make either connect to cubase 7. I downloaded the ski program, loaded on itunes, followed the instructions and nothing. I even disabled the firewall to see if it was that, if there is anyone out there who has made it work on windows 7 64bit and cubase 7 64 bit please help.


Capt’n :frowning:

post in the ic pro forum

Did you follow all instructions including installing Bonjour? I have it working on Win 7 64x. There is a basic step you missed ,just go back and recheck