How do I make the Kontakt window open in front of Dorico

Is there a setting in Dorico?

How are you opening it? And where does it open?

I’m opening it by selecting the ‘e’ logo on the VST instruments panel. It then always opens on the main monitor behind Dorico. I then have to move it to another monitor or resize Dorico to be able to get to it. I only really need it to open, check something or change something, and then to close it. It’s mainly for checking levels or whether the correct expression has switched etc.

Have you tried cmd-, when the Kontakt window is in front? The last item in the list here “Plug-ins” has an item “Plug-in Editors “Always on Top””.
I’m really not sure if this makes any difference, and I’m not even sure whether these preferences belong to Kontakt or Dorico, but it may be worth a try…
Lately my Kontakt window has been popping up in front, but I know it wasn’t always that way. If it wasn’t visible, I got the habit of hitting the “e” button again, maybe twice.

The fundamental problem here is that all plug-in windows belong to a completely separate process, the VST audio engine, and so the windows are actually completely invisible to Dorico. What you should find, on Windows, is that all of the plug-in windows come to the front if you click the VST audio engine icon in your Windows taskbar.

Thanks for that John and Daniel. If I remember also ALT+TAB works ny scrolling thro’ the open windows.