How do i map multiple media bay samples to a keyboard (not one sample across the keyboard)

From my googling, i can see that you can load a sample into the sample editor and assign it to a key, but doesn’t that mean that if you play different keys, your pitch of the loaded sample will change accordingly.
I just want to trigger say SAMPLE 1 to C3, and SAMPLE 2 to D3.
of course it would nice to maybe map each sample to 2 or 3 keyboard keys, as some of my samples are maybe a 1/2 tone off and i could change allow SAMPLE 1 to span 2 keyboard keys each with the different tone. if this is confusing… never mind… haha… maybe there is another way to change the sample pitch BEFORE i assign it to my keyboard.

One way would be drag each sample onto a seperate sample track, You can then set the range of keys that trigger it, Of course set diff range for each sample, You can also choose if it will be a fixed pitch across the range or not.
A = Fixed pitch or not
B = Range selection and root key.
Quite possibly there are better ways to do this, I’m not one who works with samples/loops etc much. :slight_smile:

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You can assign different Samples to different Notes in Groove Agent SE (or the full of course)


that’s smart !!!

i was sort of thinking about that (but not sure how to do it ) ! your illustration is much appreciated.

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