How do I Master to -12dB RMS-Level

I’ve been asked to supply some WAV’s “mastered to max. Peak-Level of -0.3 dB and -12dB RMS-Level”.

I understand the Peak Level, but am a bit unclear about the -12db RMS Level.

How should I setup Wavelab so that I know my client is getting what they want ?

Interesting deliverable. Unless I’ve misunderstood something, the easiest way is refer to the VU meter for peaking RMS values while you’re working.

Isn’t it average RMS that this client is after? Ask them what they actually mean…

Luck, Arjan

Hello Paul & Arjan,

It’s -12db PEAK RMS, not Average (I just checked with them).


have a look at “Global Analysis” -> “Loudness”.

Here you have the RMS Values, peak RMS as well as average RMS.

Hope this helps

Hello, let the client send you a demo file, then have a a look at it.

While I use SpectraFoo for critical analysis, I’ve found the TT Dynamic Range Meter to be a terrific tool that works within any DAW in an insert slot. Put it n the last slot of your master section and enjoy:

Thanks Daved, that does look good

Apologies if this is a dumb question but isn’t that exactly what the VU Meter in WL’s metering function gives you?

What the TT Dynamic Range Meter adds, is measuring not only RMS, but this in relation to a top 20 of peaks. This means that it also gives a reasonable dynamic range for audio that has peaks to, say, -7 dB - or any other arbitrary level not being 0 dBFS. And - it looks great! :slight_smile:

Luck, Arjan

I think that perhaps one of the single most useful metering tools I have ever used is the wonderful PPMulator XL.

Try it - you’ll never look back!