How do I merge staves?

I loaded a MIDI file which (among other tracks) had separate tracks for right and left hand of piano. So I ended up with two Treble/Bass clefs (see attached image).

How do I merge these into a single piano (Treble/Bass) line?

Right now, the only way I know how to do this is to load the MIDI file into Logic or Digital Performer, merge the tracks there and reexport, but surely I shouldn’t have to do that.


I would add that searching for “Merge” in the Operation Manual turned up nothing

This is just a workaround: couldn’t you select all the bass staff in the second piano part, and paste it into the bass staff of the first piano part?


I wouldn’t consider that a workaround: that’s exactly how I would approach it.

Sometimes, the easiest solution is suspect. Why just copying it, when you could add a dedicated button and some modal dialogs? :slight_smile:


I want a button that reads my mind and notates that music on the page. :laughing:

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Uh, yeah, but at the time I asked this question, I hadn’t figured out HOW to select all notes in a staff (sigh).

couldn’t you select all the bass staff in the second piano part

Hopefully you’ve now cracked it, David: select the first note (or click anywhere in the first bar), then choose Edit > Select to End of Flow (to which you can assign a custom shortcut if it’s something you think you’ll be doing often).

Yes, I did — but I still struggle with usability and discoverability with Dorico. For example, selecting all notes on a staff seems like it should be a choice on the popup menu when you right-click a note.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll bear this in mind.

It’s worth checking out some of the well known design patterns for GUI/usability related to user discovery of functionality.

I’ve never forgotten what a project manager once said to me when I was running a software product many years ago. “Remember, every support call reduces profit margin by $25. Do whatever it takes to reduce support calls as much as possible”.

That’s still my operating approach for software I sell now into the music world. Every time we get a query, we think about what we could have done that would have made that query unnecessary and then we do it!

David, I recommend doing what I did, and watching the excellent tutorials on Dorico’s YouTube channel (playlist — “how to”), pencil in hand. I watched them repeatedly, actually.

When I felt I “knew” the program, I jumped in. It’s been very smooth sailing.

Thanks for the suggestion. Videos are a last resort for me — they’re generally too slow for my taste. I wish Yamaha would get Edgar Rothermich to develop a book for Dorico. See for example his other books at

I found this thread because I have a similar problem: Two staves that I need to merge into one. But the steps presented here didn’t work:

  1. I clicked in bar 1 of one staff, then chose Edit > Select to End of Flow. (Incidentally, shouldn’t commands like this be available via contextual menu?)

  2. With everything on that staff selected, I hit copy, then selected the destination track and hit paste. But instead of merging the notes, the notes on the destination track were replaced with the pasted notes.

I get it; that’s how the Paste command is supposed to work. Hence, the need for a Merge command, because my destination track is not empty. Think of my two tracks as a checkerboard: Track 1 has notes in the odd bars; track 2 has notes in the even bars—and I need to combine them onto one staff. Until a Merge command is added (hopefully), how does one accomplish this?

You need to paste into a new voice, which can be accomplished from the contextual menu or from the Edit menu.

Thank you.

When I attempted to paste into a new voice, I saw a menu that seemed to require that voices first be specified. So, I created a new player in Setup, but that player hasn’t appeared on the page. Sorry for the newbie question, but how do I get the new player to appear on the page with the other players?

OK. New players are supposed to automatically appear in the full score—but they weren’t. So, I started over, and now, new voices are appearing. Not sure what the problem was before, but I’ve gotten past this hurdle. Thanks.

You may also want to paste without adding a new voice but without overwriting the existing music: to do that, switch on chord mode (shortcut Q) before you paste.

Thank you.