How do I move *.hsb files from the C:\programdata directory

Hi all,

I am looking for a way to move all the *.hsb files in the c:\programdata directory to another drive.
My current setup uses a solid state drive for the operating system and is limited in space. I don’t want to put unnecessary program data on it.

What do I need to do to move these files and configure Cubase 5 to find them (and stop using the c drive where possible).

Here is what is on the c drive now:

Studio_Content.hsb 111986283
GM_Sound_Content.hsb 63998580
Studio_Drum_Content.hsb 49560021
GM_Drum_Content.hsb 24873193
Studio_Set_1.hsb 3384747
Studio_Set_2.hsb 2974386
GM_Sound_Set_1.hsb 2720432
Studio_Drum_Set_1.hsb 849672
GM_Drum_Set_1.hsb 247757

I think you can use Junctions for it, that way you can “fool” the apps that it is still coming from c:\programdata but physically it points to another directory. Benefit is it is transparent for the apps so you don’t have to configure anything for it in Cubase.

You should move the vstpreset files for Halion. All you do is make sure Mediabay is set to scan the new location and Locate Content via right-click on Halion’s GUI.