How do I nudge 1 frame in Cubase 9?

In previous version of Cubase there was the +/- buttons on the transport bar (within jog wheel). I was able to click these to nudge the cursor by 1 frame.

Is there a UI button for this any longer? The nudge palette doesn’t seem to offer this functionality for the cursor.

I see I can set a keybinding for this, but curious if there is a button as well that I am overlooking. Thank you for the help.


Whole Jog wheel was removed from Transport. These +/- buttons are not available anymore. Use KeyCommand, please.

What is the key command for this? I really miss the jog wheel - it was very useful for sound design work. Not sure what they were thinking when they removed it… :confused:


By default for the events:

  • Nudge Left: Ctrl+Left
  • Nudge Right: Ctrl+Left
  • Nudge Start Left: Alt+Left
  • Nudge Start Right: Alt+Right
  • Nudge End Left: Alt+Shift+Left
  • Nudge End Right: Alt+Shift+Right

For theTransport (cursor):

  • Nudge Cursor Left: Ctrl+Num-
  • Nudge Cursor Right: Ctrl+Num+
  • Nudge +1 Frame: Not Assigned
  • Nudge -1 Frame: Not Assigned
  • Nudge +1 Bar: Not Assigned
  • Nudge -1 Bar: Not Assigned

Just in case someone needs it :slight_smile:
-in CB 11 you can nudge one frame with Ctrl + or Ctrl- if the primary time format is set to timecode.
Don’t know about older versions…