How do I only show USER presets?? FX, Instruments etc

Wether it’s Plug-In FX or Retrolugue Presets, sometimes all I want to see are my USER presets. Unless I’m missing something, ALL presets are mixed together, both Factory AND User. Needless to say, this is bad design.

Am I missing something here (before I rant at Steinberg) or is this really what we have to put up with from a flagship DAW in 2018?

Don’t know if you can. But you can name your presets with a prefix like “my-synthie” and that makes it easy to find.

Probably not what you want to hear, but that’s how I solve this problem in Cubase (and other software as well).

lol, i totally do that… (“my” prefix) at least 70% of the time :stuck_out_tongue:

and yes, this is very important too… cubase needs a “user” folder for all of our presets - and automatically put all saved presets in the respective user folders of the plugin as a content set or a location tree…

many synths however, when you open the preset browser with the “load preset” box (up top next to the preset browser toggle) will show you mainly your presets … (usually third party synths though)

While we are somewhat speaking about storing/organizing stuff etc. - there is no reason that mediabay and all other preset browsers need to “load on start” over and over . - load on start meaning everytime one opens a new plug or whatever… just make xml lists that the browsers can load in micro seconds - and have a button somewhere in those browsers to “refresh” if needed… cant be that hard to do- since cubase broke this speedy,working feature after v8 was it? i dont remember…

Groove Agent has a simple preset filter icon to show factory, user or both. Why Steinberg don’t just implement this workflow across Cubase is beyond me.

Thanks for the responses. I’ve being adding prefixes but was just hoping there was a way to show just one or the other.

I like to put !preset name and they will always show first on the list

I have addressed this here and other various forums.

The root cause is every time you start Cubase, every box inside the User folder in Media Bay is automatically checked…even if you purposely left the boxes unchecked! So for example you want to open a Mono Delay preset that is applicable only to your current song project. You don’t want to see factory Mono Delay factory presets, or funky presets you built, or presets applicable for other songs…all you want is just the Mono Delaly presets you have saved for this song project. (This assumes you have organized your presets into folders applicable for specific projects, and when you use the Load Preset function, your tree is open)

This issue is included with the horrible auto-rescan of Media Bay, every time you re-start Cubase. This behavior was changed for the worse several versions ago. There is no explanation why the change happened, except some think it’s to make Media Bay more simple or 'idiot-proof." One forum moderator/Steinberg employee claimed “its by design” in a thread here, but when questioned he never followed up. You may wish to send a PM to Joerg at Steinberg since he handles some Media Bay issues, and he wasn’t aware that this lousy implemented media bay Auto-scan, also automatically checks any boxes you have purposely left unchecked. I haven’t heard back from him since July.

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I am also very confused by this. I don’t understand. Other VSTi vendors just give us the User folder and you can put your stuff there. In Cubase - all presets are dumped together and I rarely care to create any presets at all. Because it is a big challenge to find them.