How do I open .bak files in Cubase on MacOS


I was working on a new project that crashed and there is no .cpr file in the project folder, only several .bak files. however when I try to open a .bak file OSX prompts me to select an application to open this file type, but Cubase is greyed out and cannot be selected to open this file type.

Please let me know if you have any ideas about this. Thanks!

Don’t have a Mac running at the moment to check this, but have you tried opening the .bak file from within Cubase?

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…and can you just rename them to .cpr


D’oh! :rofl: :roll_eyes:


both of those work, thanks guys!

or right click on the file in Finder and “Open with …” :nerd_face:

this one didnt work for me. Cubase is not listed there as app to open with and selecting other brings me to select from the applications folder, but Cubase is greyed out, just like when double clicking. Let me know if there is something else I can do so that right-click will work. Thanks!

sorry - I don’t have Cubase on my Mac at the moment, so I can’t actually test it.

You’d probably have to change the drop down in the Application selection window from Recommended Applications to All Applications and then Cubase should be selectable.

Alternatively, but not for every situation: If you don’t use the .bak extension for anything else you could default it to Cubase by selecting Get Info for one of those .bak files in the Finder and then go through the process of making Cubase the default application for .bak files.

But if you don’t have to open .bak files regularly, then renaming or opening from inside Cubase is probably the least overall hassle.