How Do I Play / Record External Synth In Cubase 6.5?

Hi guy,

just bought a 2nd hand Waldorf blofeld from a friend and wanting to play and record some tune with it in Cubase 6.5. But how do i set up midi and let Cubase 6.5 recognize blofeld?

I am using a Korg microkey connected via USB to my Windows 7 computer. blofeld is connected via USB to my computer too. Its audio output is connected to my Focusrite 18i6.

Please help. Thanks=)

What didn’t you understand about the instructions in the manual?

eh…i dont understand how to set up my midi controller to send signal to blofeld


Most of how to set an external instrument is described in the Operation Manual manual (p.30-35 and 356-362), but I admit that it is rather complicated at first. I guess that you have Cubase, not Cubase Artist, otherwise you will have only the possibility yo use MIDI tracks and audio ones for the signals returns, as there is no VST integration of external instruments in the Artist version. I have three external instruments but only use MIDI cables, not USB but, the following should give you an idea of the whole process.

There are several steps :

  1. For each and every external instruments you have to create a MIDI device for it with the ‘Devices/MIDI Devices manager’ menu.
  • In here, choose ‘Install device’. As the Waldorf Blofeld is not listed, you’ll have to use the ‘Define new…’ option and here is where problems begin, as you have to know exactly how your external instrument work.

  • Select the required options in the ‘Create new MIDI device’ window (see the ‘MIDI device’ manual, p.6 for parameters details), name it (otherwise the ‘OK’ button will stay greyed out) and click OK (C6_ExtInstr_1.jpg). At this point, a new window will appear that enables you to enter the banks/âtches structure of your external instrument, using the ‘Patch bank’ option on the window top. This is the tedious stage… It’s not mandatory, but it is rather useful to avoid wondering the patch number of a specific preset. Don’t forget to activate the ‘Edit enable’ box and use the menu at the left of it to add the banks and patches needed.

  • Once done, the new device created should appear in the ‘Installed devices’ list of the MIDI device manager. Be sure to save it in a secured place, just to avoid having to do the whole process again, with the ‘Export setup’ button. Be sure to set the MIDI port to use at this stage at the bottom of the window.

  1. Use then the ‘Devices/VST connections’ window. Here, go to the ‘External instruments’ tab and use the ‘Add external instrument’ button and, in the little window, the device created previously should appear as an available one in the ‘MIDI devices’ list. Select it. At this point the device will appear with a stereo return bus by default and you have to specify the ASIO ports to use, otherwise you’ll get no audio return from it (C6_ExtInstr_2.jpg).

  2. Now, you can use your external instrument as any other VSTi, with the presets that you entered in 1) at disposal in the program selector list of the inspector. I use each of mine with a MIDI+VST instrument pair, as each of them are used with MIDI channels different than 1. But it’s not mandatory. You should end up with something like the C6_Extinstr3.jpg screenshot. Be sure that :

  • in ‘Preferences / MIDI’, the ‘MIDI Thru Active’ is enabled
  • the channel you use in the inspector is set accordingly on your Waldorf.

wow…thanks for the reply, cubic13. Will try it out…

Thanks again=)

What an awesome reply, cubic13! I remember spending what seemed like forever and a day trying to set up my MIDI keyboard via USB when I first got Cubase (VST!). Though I hope I’m a bit smarter now than then, I always fear having to do it again, like if I get a new keyboard, or if random evil happens to my system :smiling_imp: .

Mogui_667 - The only thing I might add is that the tedium of the part in red/bold up top MIGHT be avoided if some kind soul has done the hard work for your specific keyboard and posted the “patch” on-line. Might be worth some time looking for that before building it by hand. Even something for a similar but not identical device might save you some time, in terms of just editing rather than having to type it all in by hand.

Good luck!

(P.S. I hope your keyboard at least has some audio outputs, so you can at least have some fun while doing all that boring work getting the MIDI connected!).

Hi guy,

thanks for the reply. My external synth is working with cubase.

Thanks guy!!=)

thanks cubic13 - incredibly helpful

Hi all,

I hope you can help. I came across this thread as I am experience similar issues when routing my old Korg Poly 61M in Cubase and trying to record its on-board sounds.

I am using the following:

When I press keys on the synth, I get a midi signal in a Cubase Midi track. However, the on-board sounds do not play back in Cubase, even though I can hear the sounds through the Output 4 of my mixing desk.

I contacted Korg to get a copy of the manual, but could only get the non-midi version which was launched shortly before the midi version was released. It is exactly the same model except the 61M has midi ports In/Out (
I have also tried getting a Midi patch to help me set it up in the Midi Configuration panel, but again, no luck.

I am kind of new to this and I am sure I am doing something wrong. I am attaching screenshots in a Zip files which should illustrate how I have everything set up. I hope this makes sense and that someone will be able to help.

Many thanks
Screengrabs.ZIP (1.22 MB)