How do I print a Concert lead sheet as a Bb Instruments part without re-copying?

I remember there was a method involving (creating a new Layout?) but can’t remember/find the info.
Thanks in advance!

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In setup mode, right click the Layout and select Duplicate Layout.
Then, right click the new Layout and select the Clef and Transposition override feature to set it to Bb.

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I tried what you suggested and admittedly still couldn’t figure it out. I would love it if someone could take me step-by-step through how to convert an existing concert lead cheat chart into a B-flat chart. I think I’m getting stymied by how to specify the transposition change in the pop-up window you mentioned. I’ve also read the documentation but admittedly my eyes glazed over (as well-meaning as I absolutely am sure it was)…So thanks for any further help!

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Make sure in the edit menu that you choose transposed pitch instead of concert pitch.

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Here is a Part with a Trumpet in C. Right click and select Duplicate Layout.

Rename the Layout to reflect the soon to be new Transposition.
Pic 2

Right click the new Layout and select the Clef and Transposition override option.
Set the following options.

What @lafin said.

Resulting Part in Bb.


Amazingly, I STILL couldn’t get this to work (even after trying a similar explanation from the always very handy:

I was starting with a violin part and followed all instruments to turn it into a “Bb Instruments” part. What I just now realized was MISSING was that I also needed afterwards to go into Layout Options for the newly created part into the Players section and check “Transposing Layout” (just to share) - not obvious to me at first but now finally works as I was hoping. Thanks all for the help.

You could also set the “Concert pitch” override for the layout to be the same, so the layout shows the same transposition whether it’s transposed or concert pitch.

Usually, part layouts are already transposed pitch but perhaps you changed this setting at some point, either for this one layout, project, or your own defaults?