How do I purchase plugins For Cubasis for Android?

Yes I just purchased cubasis 3 mobile for Android in the Google Play store and I would like to figure out how to purchase plugins and import them into the mobile application can you guys please help me I’ve been a Windows PC user most of my life I don’t have a lot of experience using iPhones or the iOS so I do have an Android based system it’s in Nord and 200 mobile device that I’m using so I think it’s the system specifications I think are your decent and it should be able to run the program without too much problems I think it has enough hardware I would just like to know how to import and purchase and pay for plugins do I have to do it in the app or another website thank you so much appreciate the help.


-Sennett Sky

As far as I can see, there is no support for third-party plugins on Android as there is on iOS (because there is no such thing as the AUv3 standard on Android). There are probably some in-app purchases available.

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Cubasis for Android comes with an in-app shop which includes several optional in-app purchases, such as the Classic Machines, the Micrologue ARP, and the FX Pack I and FX Pack II packages.

Please tap the “SHOP” button in the top menu bar located to the right, to open the in-app shop and to find out more.

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