How do I re-download Nuendo 6?

I am building a new windows 8 machine (in lieu of the iAshtray that Apple has dreamed up). As I am mostly done with the build and I decided to re-download a copy of Nuendo 6 from the Steinberg web site. I mean I bought it electronically using the Steinberg Online Shop and I have my little dongle with the authorisations so no problems right?

So I plug the dongle in to my PC, log in to “My Steinberg” and… wait a minute… I can see my licenses all right, I can read “My Newsletter” if I choose (gee thanks Steinberg) but the one thing I can’t access is my software —Nuendo 6 + NEK.

I have a copy of Logic Pro X on my Mac Pro. Supposing I am on the road, and have internet access, I can easily download a copy for my Macbook from the Mac App Store. This is online distribution as it is supposed to work. What the hell does Steinberg expect me to do in this situation? Buy another copy of Nuendo? Do you expect people to keep the local installers around permanently?

Meanwhile I would like to be able to download my software whenever I choose with the minimum of fuss. Is that too much to ask?

Smartest thing to do. If it isn’t backed up in 3 places, it isn’t backed up.

Did you submit a support request?

If you bought it online you probably have an email from saying that you bought it in the Steinberg online shop. In that email you can find your activation key and a downloadlink to the software.

Good luck


I have the same problem. Download link in the email no longer works, so can’t reinstall

Fredo, will that do a full install onto a clean machine, or only an update?

Oeps, I thought that this was a full installer, but now I’m not so sure anymore.
Just install the trial version and then the update.

For any other stuff, FYI: this is the Steinberg ftp: