How do i reactivate my Cubase Elements 10.5

Hi team,

in 2020 I bought cubase online to teach myself about the software. I got the codes but did not use them or install in any computer or do anything related to cubase or music until 2023.
I have downloaded and installed the software in to my computer but when i open cubase it says activation key is already used. so I try to get new codes but it says activation key is already used. and also i cannot be able to add any product to my license. even when i try to register cubase it says .registered successful but the soft e license is already used. can anyone help me get new codes because everything is fine it’s just that my old code is not working and i can’t seem to get new ones. please message me if you have something to share that I can find useful because i might need all the help possible

Please make sure you have logged into the Steinberg Activation Center app on your computer.

This is somewhat confusing.

Does your Cubase Elements 10.5 show up as a registered product in your MySteinberg account?

If so, we can make progress from there …

Hi Scab.
No my cubase element 10.5 does not show up as a registered product on mysteinberg account. And i can’t select it click the drop down menu or do anything past this point. How do i fix this please

Hi steve.
Yes i have logged into my steinberg activation app on my computer. But I’m stuck because no product shows up yet i have the keys for cubase element 10.5 which i bought. So i can’t get new keys

Are you sure you are using the correct account? Only Steinberg Support can help you fix this if you can’t find your account with that license.

Hi guys, I’ve sent some pictures on the errors that I’m getting because i cant get past this stage even though I’m using my correct account and codes

I think you should go to the Steinberg website and log in into ‘My Steinberg’ first
in the far right upper corner.

The screenshots show the elicenser registration attempt.

I have been signed in all this time but still not working

If you know you bought the product, and that you registered the license container, the possibility exists that you have more than one MySteinberg account, and that the license is listed there.