How do I Read a Cubase Crash Log Dump File

I seem to be a lucky one that has not yet experienced the pain of Cubase crashes. But, there are lots of posts here about Cubase crashes. So it seems like we could use a “crash” course explaining how to read a Cubase crash log dump file and where to find it.

Wondering if someone would be so kind to attach, or even better, copy/paste, a typical Cubase crash dump file that is related to a VST problem (which seems to be a common issue). Then, please explain how to read that file so a user can take a look and try to diagnose the problem for themself.

Maybe, if applicable, one from each of the latest computer (PC & Mac) operating systems.

If this is not possible here in the forum, maybe Steinberg could post a knowledge base article showing the typical top (10) most common Cubase crash dump files and how to read them. Even add links to the KBs that most likely would help solve the issue.

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There were some discussions about this topic on the forum already.

On Windows you can use VisualStudio to get more informations. Or you can try to use this online Windows Crash Dump Analysis tool (I have no experience with it). There are several other tools for Windows as far as I know.

At the end you will get just an information if the crash was in Cubase or in an external component.

OK Martin… thank you but, I see that you often ask for the dump and soon after you reply that a certain VST is the issue. It would be nice to see exactly where you see this info.

BTW… the website you linked to is (apparently) no longer available.

Regards :sunglasses:

Edited to mention the linked website is not available.