How do I receive an activation code for Dorico 4?

I was not sent an activation code for Dorico 4. How do I get one? Also, since my OS can only run up to Dorico 3.5, will this activation code work for 3.5 as well?

Have you bought Dorico 4, Mark? If so, your Download Access Code is printed in the receipt email you received from our online shop, or on a printed card in the package you received if you purchased from one of our authorised resellers.

If you are trying to download the trial, please check the junk/spam folder in the email account you used to sign up for your Steinberg ID. The Download Access Code you need to activate your trial is included in an email sent to you after you request a trial.

If you have another problem, please feel free to give some more information and we’ll be glad to try to help.

Hi! Thanks so much for your reply. So appreciated.
Here’s the issue: I am currently running High Sierra on my old Mac Tower. I am working solidly on on 2 TV series and everything is stable, so I have no reason to upgrade at this point. I did purchase Dorico 4 yesterday, but have asked for a refund, because apparently I cannot downgrade to Dorico 3.5. So Dorico 4 is kind of useless to me. Do I have my facts correct? Thanks again, Mark

It’s true that a brand new Dorico 4 license does not provide you with access to Dorico 3.5 or earlier versions, but we can of course help you out with a Dorico 3.5 license via a special arrangement. If you decide not to proceed with your refund request, please drop me a private message here on the forum and I’ll be pleased to assist you.

That’d be awesome! However…I’m new to this group and don’t know how to “private message”.
I did apply for a refund, but I see that it has not yet come through. If I went ahead with the Dorico 4 purchase, and received the 3.5 license via special arrangement, would I still be able to use Dorico 4 once I did upgrade my computer?

To send a private message, click on Daniel’s avatar and then the blue Message button.