How do I record a new track version with each loop repeat?

I would like to automatically record a new track version with each loop. In other words I want to record a guitar riff over and over creating a new version at the start of each loop repeat and then go back and choose the best version. Is this possible ?

Page 149 of the operations manual Lanes, Keep history and cycle history

Excellent thanks. I did look in the manual but half the problem is always knowing what these things are called. I assumed it was something to do with track versions.

I am rusty myself at present. I need to relearn this. There was no track versions in Cubase 5, 6 and maybe 7.
Do check out extracting a groove from a drum loop, when you get a chance, it will give feel to all that dead beat on the button MIDI,

They are similar and I think (not sure) you can convert Lanes to Versions. Lanes are intended for what you are trying to do - record a bunch of takes and then comp together the best performance.

Versions let you try out different ideas, like a bass line played on 1/4 notes vs. 1/8 notes, or alternative vocal lyrics.

You can also use them together. Say you looped and did a bunch of takes on a guitar solo, never playing it the same. When done you could the create a new Version that is a duplicate of the original. Now on the original Version you could use the Lanes to comp a solo from different bits of the various takes. Then you could switch to the duplicate Version and comp an entirely different solo. Then the next day you can decide which version you prefer.