How do i Record at 96hz on Cubase using MAC OS.X 10.10.2

Hello, i have been having troubles to record at 96k on cubase 8 pro and 7… i have asked my USB Audi Interface company to assist me but they said that for some reason my MAC OS / Cubase wont support recordings at 96k…My Audio interface harware is capable to record at 96 but its not visisible when im to choose the input record buffer size… anyone with a way to get around to record at 96k ?

My Audio interface is allowed to record at that Buffer Sizie but it seem like my mac wont allow it —
M-Audio USB Audio Interfaces Fast Track Pro
Apple iMac/Mac mini: iMac 3.5GHz Core i7 27
Operating System: Apple Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

FastTrack Pro Version:

looking forward to hear from you guys