How do I record midi piano in two staves?


Didn’t find an answer in the documentation nor in the forum.
I’ve setup a piano; I activate carets in both staves; I live record from my midi keyboard: I get all notes in one stave.
I want to get two separate voices, left hand-right hand.
I know Dorico 4 has the ability to separate voices in an intelligent manner.
I know I’m missing something.

When I do this I select one of the staves of the piano (RH or LH) but I do NOT activate the caret. Then I record. It usually does a good job splitting the hands.
I believe this is in the documentation (somewhere - it is sometimes hard to find things) but definitely check out the dorico youtube channel as I know there are videos that cover note input.

Thanks! Yes, it works as described.
Very helpful!

And here is the link to the pertinent youtube video: Real-time MIDI Input | Note Input - YouTube

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