How do I record the audio from Cubase Pro 11 into another DAW i.e. Audacity/Soundforge

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I would like to route Cubase’ output into another DAW such as Audacity/Soundforge, which records an entire sound design session idly in the background. Whilst I’m aware of Audacity’s WASAPI (loopback) record function for recording computer system audio, this does not work for me when playing audio in Cubase!

My understanding is that this is because ASIO bypasses the computer system audio to allow for lower latency.

Does anyone have a solution as to how I can achieve this? (Preferably without installing any other 3rd party plugins.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What is your setup? Windows/Mac, audio interface, etc?


I currently run Windows, and a Behringer UMC404HD as my interface.

then, no
you need additional software to do this

Are there any programs you would recommend?

given that you are on Windows… I forget to mention… on Mac it is a no brainer…

The Voicemeter Banana should do it…
Maybe ASIO4all could help as well

The problem is that the ASIO device driver is exclusive to one running application

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve looked briefly at Voicemeter Banana and ASIO4ALL, but fail to fully understand how I can use these to record Cubase’s output into Audacity.

I’ll try a bit of trial and error and see what I can do.

Yeah it’s not easy to understand what it does or waht it can do… It has a recorder itself…

Voicemeeter seems to have done the trick, I’ve managed to route it to Audacity :grinning:

The built-in record function works too, I just prefer to see the wavescope in Audacity.

Thanks for the help!

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