How do I remove an Instrument Track from the VSTi rack?

I’ve tried using “No VST Instrument”. However, as shown in this screenshot the instrument is removed but the entry is still in the Instrument Rack.

Remove the track from the track list.

Thanks. However, I tried that and restarted Cubase but it didn’t work.

Please confirm that you are removing the associated Instrument Track from the Project. Removing an Instrument Track should remove the VSTi for that Track. On the other hand removing a MIDI Track does not remove any VSTi’s.

I’m not sure what happens if you remove an Instrument Track but had MIDI Tracks sending their output to the VSTi located on that Instrument Track. I would have assumed their outputs revert to ‘not connected’, but maybe they force the VSTi to remain in the Rack?

What you’re suggesting is not feasible since the instrument was created originally as a rack instrument not by using an instrument track.

The slots displaying “No VST Instrument” are Instrument Tracks.

These empty slots always go away if you remove its associated Instrument Track, which has an Edit Instrument button. It doesn’t matter if there’s any other MIDI tracks routed to them.

Thanks for clarifying.

I guess it just takes awhile. This is about the fifth time I’ve closed and re-opened Cubase and the offending blank slot finally went away. Thanks for your help.

Closing and re-opening Cubase should have zero impact on what’s shown in the Rack.

Hard to fully understand what’s exactly happening without access to the Project file. But it seems like the OP isn’t clear on the differences between between Track Instruments (top section of the Rack) and Rack Instruments (bottom section). I’d recommend taking a second or third look at the topic in the Ops Manual.

Track Instruments match one-to-one every Instrument Track in your Project - each Instrument Track will have 1 corresponding VSTi in the top section of the Rack. You can ONLY add or remove VST’s in the top section by adding or removing Instrument Tracks.

Rack Instruments in the lower section are totally stand-alone. Their existence does not depend on any Tracks in your Project. To remove a Rack Instrument set its VSTi to “No VST Instrument.”