How do I rename a pdf I am about to export?

It will not let me click on the region where the title of the project lies, where I expected to be able to change the name of the pdf before export. This is in the print tab. I am aware I can just rename the pdf after it is exported but I figured there had to be some way to do it on export.

Thanks in advance

In the “recipe” box you can enter a name (including any of the tokens listed below it). The ingredients you can set and leave to automatically create a filename using your project info. The end product is what you see in the “preview” up the top.

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I often have different naming needs for different types of files. For example, a solo violin caprice doesn’t need ‘- Violin Solo’ appended to the PDF but the violin part in an orchestral work certainly does. Unfortunately, any changes made in the recipe box are treated as defaults by Dorico and affect all files. This is a minor problem, but I do often spend time renaming PDFs because of this. I’d like to make it a feature request that Dorico would allow the naming scheme per file. Perhaps there could be a ‘make into default’ button in the print window, just like in many of Dorico’s other settings windows.

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Thank you all for the responses. Ultimately what worked for me was just putting the desired name of the file in the “filename recipe” field as mentioned above and then clicking on the default separator field on the bottom right. This allowed me to name the pdf exactly as I typed in the filename field, with no additional filename ingredients.

Seems a tad strange that it is the way it is but it works.

Just out if interest, and with respect, what do you find strange about it?