How do I reset all Mixconsole chans to 0db (Unity)?


I was just wondering if there is a way to simple reset all Mixconsole Faders to 0db by pressing one Key Command or Macros? I just can’t seem to work out how to do this and It would be a very welcomed time saving feature when dealing with over 2000 tracks in the template!




  • Select all Channels
  • Enable Q-Links (not via shortcut, use the button)
  • Enable Abs
  • Ctrl/Cmd to one of the fader to get default value (0dB)

=| Faders of all selected Channels jump to 0dB.

Thanks Martin. Can I create a Macro or Key command so once I have selected all the Channels I can then press a button and voila, all channels are reset? I can’t figure this out as there isn’t a Keycommand for Abs. If not then I’ll have to put in a feature request because at the end of a Cue I want to be able to flatten the desk/Mixconsole back to original Values and this can be time consuming.


You can also Reset MixConosle Channels from the MixConsole Function menu. This will also remove all plug-ins.

You are right, Abs, nad Q-Link are not available as a Key Commands, so you cannot make a Macro out of it.