How do I reverse engineer the tutorial project?

Hi all,

I upgraded to Cubase Pro 9.5 and downloaded the 9.5 tutorial project. The project showcases some advanced techniques I might want to incorporate into my Cubase workflow, but I’m missing the guidance to show how the project was created. What advice do you have to help me to learn how to get from point A (basic system setup, recording, processing, and mixing) to point Tutorial Project?



I would recommend you to follow official Steinberg YouTube channel. Start with Cubase 7 QuickStart Tutorials, please.

Hi Martin… I know how to use Cubase for basic recording, but I want to know how the 9.5 project uses labels, section chains, etc… Shouldn’t there be something that describes how the 9.5 tutorial project was put together?


I’m sorry, I don’t know, what do you mean by “labels” and “section chains”? I haven’t found these key words in the Cubase 9.5 new. More about Cubase 9.5 news (with videos) is available here.

I’m sorry, I used the wrong terminology: They aren’t “labels” they’re markers. And they’re not “section chains”, they are named sections in the arranger track. Both features have existed since the dawn of time.

I was used to previous versions packaging some form of tutorial project to play with, but the Steinberg Download Assistant only provides a 9.5 “Demo project” to show off the new features. I now know where to find the manual on and I can search YouTube for information about the specific features I need.

For instance: Cubase 8 Advanced Audio Recording part 1:

Using the Arranger Track:

Wow. The arranger track would have saved me a lot of time with one project a couple of years ago had I realized it existed.