How do I roll back from Cubase 9.5.20 to 9.5.10?

How do I roll back from 9.5.20 to 9.5.10? I’m having major problems with output routings at different sample rates (, and I want to see if the problem exists in the older version.



You have to uninstall Cubase, then install Cubase 9.5.0, and then the 9.5.10 update (if you have a backup of the update installer).

Probbaly the same way all the many people who have asked this here did: via the windows control panel - software


Can you really roll back in the Control Panel? Sorry, I’m not Windows user. I was thinking, you uninstall only. Is there a version history in the Control Panel?

Yes…in Windows 10 you’ll have to bypass the new Apps and Features and open the old style control panel style add/remove (search control panel in Cortana will get you there).
Then you choose to “Show installed updates” and you can uninstall them.

Grim’s answer worked for me. Find Programs and Features in the old control panel.
That’s where you find the tab that lists updates and Cubase updates appear there.
9.5.10 will not show if you updated to 9.5.20, but when you select uninstall 9.5.20 you will find when you open Cubase that now you have 9.5.10.

What about on a mac?

worked here in W7, Cubase 10.0.30 to 10.0.20.